Our mission is to provide your family or your customers with the highest quality natural buffalo meat. We care about our animals, how they are raised and the quality of meat that is offered to you. We care about you, the consumer, your health and well being. We believe that by offering you a superior product grown naturally we are making a difference.

Raising animals naturally takes committed effort and dedication, sensitivity, more time, energy and money than modern, conventional agriculture. Our goal is quality, not speed. We desire to bring you buffalo meat that is powerful in it’s complete make up, pure, vibrant, medicinal and nourishing to body, mind, and spirit ! We believe that you will taste and feel the difference.

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RMBC in California

Hello California Friends!

Want to throw a Buffalo BBQ or special buffalo dinner and delight your family and friends?

Leo will be arriving in California on the weekend of the 26th of September with 600 lbs of buffalo front fillet meat. Front fillet is a beautiful cut that is like a small tenderloin, it can be cut into fillet steaks like fillet mignon and is almost as tender as tenderloin, but $21.00 lb. instead of the usual $35 to $40 lb. that buffalo tenderloin costs. It comes in packages that average about 3 lbs, and usually contains 3 whole primals to be cut into steaks. It has been aged three weeks for superior tenderness and then frozen. Contact us for more information.

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Supply & Demand

RMBC has a waiting list for customers wanting buffalo meat from our own herd.
Because we don’t have enough of our own meat to serve all our customers, we offer retail customers and restaurants, federally inspected buffalo meat, raised without hormones, antibiotics or additives. Contact us or have a look at our products page for more information.

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